VAIO Laptops and CAF TECH

VAIO is a brand that you have known for years. The Best of the Best in laptops is now focusing exclusively on high end and mid range computers for users looking for the best experience.

VAIO and CAF TECH are now accepting appointments to demo VAIO laptops for school and business customers.


Sometimes you simply want the best. The best PC laptop is made by VAIO. When some of the brightest minds in the PC business decided to start a new company they kept the same ingenuity, drive and passion that had been part of VAIO for years.


Sometimes its hard to put into words what a product or brand can mean to you. Having seen a VAIO in practically ever Starbucks I know that VAIO is simply one of those brands. With three great models to choose from you can’t go wrong. Please check back soon for specs and prices.

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