We’re Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

18 February 2017
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OK. Not really. But it sounded better than “Hello Goodbye” and better to avoid mixed messages.

More and more people are looking at our site due to Instagram and new customer requests. So it’s time take a moment to talk about 2017.

As usual we are still focused on VAIO Laptops. Although no longer owned by Sony its still a really cool product.

We are putting a lot of focus on Brenthaven Bags and the value they bring to schools with Macbook, Chromebook or BYOD programs.

Trend Micro is our Go To brand when it comes to Anti Virus software for our customers.

Storage is always big whether it’s Iron Key Encrypted Drives, Rocstor Mobile Storage Products or the complete Synology line.

Samsung Tablets and Digital Signage are blowing up too for 2017. As you can tell we cover a lot of products.

Come back soon to find out how we are helping our customers grow.

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