Drop the Acronym * Repetition might be better

3 April 2017
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After spending weeks trying to come up with a cool acronym for the products we sell, I finally decided repetition might be better.

If we decide to use the letter S instead I can cover 90% of the products we sell and most of the verticals we sell into.

Brenthaven Bgs
ELMO Document Cameras
Microsoft Academic Software

Trend Micro Anti-Virus
Microsoft Software

Rocstor Storage
Synology Storage
DROBO Storage
Iron Key Encrypted Storage
Datalocker Encrypted Storage

Blu Ray Players
Laser Projectors
Cameras and TVs

Digital Signage
Tab A and Tab E Products
KNOX Management Software

OK it doesnt cover Chromebooks and a half dozen other products that we sell. *

But if we use the 5 X S as a starting point, we can come pretty close.

Special mention goes out to ERGOTECH which sells some pretty cool products too!

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