Thank You Cloud!

10 May 2020
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Somewhere around 2013, I couldn’t get to my PC fast enough to retrieve something I needed really fast (possibly a file or maybe email). It didn’t help that my desktop was five years old and took forever to boot up. I quickly realized that having Google Drive or even Gmail eliminated the need to be tied to a PC or a specific inbox.

Now less than ten years later, we are all experiencing the wonder of cloud. In fact working from home kind of necessitates it. Some of the options we offer include:

Adobe Cloud for Schools and Business
Trend Micro Anti-Virus Cloud
VEEAM for Back Up
Dropbox for Business
Microsoft Office 365

There continues to be many wonderful offerings to make your life easier by using cloud. CAF TECH INC is kind of wonderful too. If you would like to demo one of these programs or participate in a WebEx just give us a call.

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