PortBlocker for SafeConsole

PortBlocker is a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution for removable storage. Managed by SafeConsole, PortBlocker is installed on user workstations to limit USB mass storage port access to only whitelisted devices.
Key Features
• Once installed by an admin, PortBlocker will start automatically and run in the background of the user’s machine
• Portblocker cannot be disabled by a nonprivileged user or external programs
• Restrict USB mass storage devices through SafeConsole Whitelist policy (VID, PID, and Serial Number)
• Policies are updated automatically
• SafeConsole makes it easy to audit who, what, when, and where a threat occurred
PortBlocker is managed by SafeConsole. A SafeConsole account license (base) is required plus a PortBlocker license per desktop install. SafeConsole base and PortBlocker license sold separately.