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The Most Common Questions People Are Asking About VAIO

While re-introducing VAIO to the U.S. market continues to be successful, it certainly takes some explanation.  After all, the PC market sales are still shrinking as laptops last longer, and people shift to relying more on their phones (Apple computer market continues to shrink as well –  The market is already crowded but we believe we have the right product for the right time.  However, to get to the point where customers are actually interested and aware of our computers we have to answer a number of questions.  Here are the most common questions we are addressing:

We know and have experience with Sony’s VAIO computers, but we don’t know what to expect from the VAIO Corporation without Sony.  How is VAIO different or similar to its Sony days?

VAIO is producing better products than ever before.  The VAIO Corporation was created by a Japanese investment firm in 2013.  Sony is still a minority shareholder and is invested in VAIO’s future.  As an independent company it is responsible for its own profits and losses, taking on the responsibility of providing what customers want in a much more lean and mean fashion.  In 1996, Sony’s original game plan for making the best computers in the market pushed them to the forefront of the market.  VAIO’s vision is to start back at these roots and make the best computers in the market.  VAIO hired the VAIO design and engineering teams from Sony, so the great quality and ingenuity continues.  The main difference is VAIO is not in the competitive game of trying to win market share.  Just build the best and when people try it, people will recognize it for what it is… the best.

What market are you going after?  

The Intel folk thinks there is an open market for a high quality high end computer and VAIO computers fit the bill perfectly.  VAIO isthe high-end sports car of the computer market.  Not the station wagon or the minivan, we’re the luxury car with lots of strength and speed.  Executives love our computers.  Our customers are doctors, lawyers, business executives who want the best and don’t want to mess around with less.  Our customers are the professional artists who love great design and thoughtfulness around every feature.  Our customers are people who love being on the cutting edge of technology and want to have the latest and greatest.

Are VAIO’s computers any different from everyone else’s?  

That is where they’re wrong.  The reason most computers ARE the same is that they’re sourcing parts and assembling them in many of the same plants in China.  The designs might look different, but what is under the chassis is often very similar.  However, VAIO’s flagship model the VAIO Z starts in a different place.  VAIO’s research and development has miniaturized some components as well as optimizing placement to the point where the motherboard takes up less than 25% of the space under the keyboard!  By doing so, we’ve been able to significantly increase the battery size, providing much longer battery life than other OEMs without sacrificing performance.  Up to 15.5 hours even with the heavier demands of our processor.  We’ve also chosen to incorporate Intel’s 28-watt processor instead of the 15-watt processor often found in other Ultrabooks, giving us a huge speed advantage.  According to Cinebench R15’s reports our Intel Core i5 is faster than all the other OEM’s Core i7 Ultrabook, and our Core i7 28-watt processor is 30% faster in general and 50% faster on graphics than Core i7 15-watt processor found in competitors’ laptops.  The only other laptop that comes close is Apple’s MacBook Pro with its Intel 28W processor, though they have yet to upgrade to the latest version of the CPU as we have.  That is an incredible performance.  Did we also mention how light our laptop is?  Our clamshell version of the VAIO Z is only 2.58lbs, about 1/3 of a pound less than a MacBook Air.

VAIO still has a longer battery life.  Up to 15.5 hours even with the heavier demands of our processor.  That is an incredible performance.

AND they are still lighter than most.  Our clamshell version of the VAIO Z is only 2.58lbs, about 1/3 of a pound less than a MacBook Air.

Must faster, longer battery life, and still very light.  Next time we’ll touch on our VAIO S model.

Why are the VAIO computers so expensive?  They can’t be worth that much, can they?

 Yes, they are worth it.  How do you decide what car to buy?  Do you just need to get around? Or do you want to enjoy it?  Is it okay to not have a lot of acceleration or do you want to it to be able to jump fast?  How much time are you going to spend in your car may determine how much you want to spend on it.  No one needs a backup camera, adjustable cruise control, blind spot sensors, or run flat tires.  The cars that carry all these features are not for everybody.  But for some who want leather instead of cloth seats, it is a must have, and they’re willing to spend to get it.

VAIO is the same.  Every detail of the computer’s hardware and software have been thought through to give the customer the best experience.  A breakaway a/c adapter plug, a quiet keyboard (non-clacking), an excellent sounds system for its size, a more-than-beautiful screen clarity and coloration, Windows 10 Signature Edition meaning no bloatware, two cameras, a rubber foot that runs the length under the front of the computer (I love this feature!), uncompromised durability, light-weight metals, faster than everyone else, and a long-lasting battery.  There’s more than even what I’ve listed here.

Some people need and want the best.  Those that can afford the best don’t always want to spend to get the best, but some who can afford it don’t want anything less. 

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